This is Jennifer

I was diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis after a year of procedures and testing when my liver enzymes were found to be elevated on my annual physical. It was a scary time … the doctor sent biopsies for targeted genomic sequencing which allowed him to see if I had any type of cancer that they were not able to see without further testing. By doing the targeted genomic testing, they discovered there was no evidence of cancer at this time. This testing allows doctors to treat underlying cancer and other illnesses early, thus saving lives … after my case manager at PAF exhausted my internal appeals with [the insurer}, she knew the next steps for an external review, what was needed and where to send it … the outside reviewer overturned the decision and my targeted genomic sequencing was covered! Thank you PAF for all your hard work and help!


I am a single person … I have been dealing with my illnesses as well as I can on my own but had run into a wall. The information provided by PAF will be useful in navigating my life on my own for a while longer which means the world to me. I am thankful for all you do.

Mark | Crohn’s disease
This is Landon

Through combined effort from PAF and myself, my medication was approved by insurance making a drug that costs $50,000, free for me. My own doctor didn’t believe I would get approved… after his letter of support was denied by insurance in the first appeal despite having 2 more forms of appeal plus external review… people deserve to have someone on their side instead of feeling like they’re alone. I did my research, I found resources, but others have not been as lucky. I have the utmost gratitude for PAF and what they stand for.

Landon I Ulcerative Colitis

If it had not been for God and PAF, I don’t know what condition my son would be in at this time. He was experiencing severe pain over his entire body. After calling the helpline for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation I was connected with a case manager at PAF. She requested paperwork from my son to work on his behalf and within a week or two he got the treatment he needed. We are both so grateful for the help we received from PAF.


It may be the miracle I have been trying so hard to find… I reached out to PAF for help trying to find a Dentist who could remove every tooth because they have all broken off! Beyond the horrible pain I have had now for about 3 years… I have multiple autoimmune diseases and have developed Osteoporosis and need to have a medical procedure that cannot be done due to my teeth… my case manager at PAF sent me the information and number for the Health Department Clinic which led me to a different Clinic that accepts adults… I now have an appointment and am so excited. I have been in so much pain and lost so much time crying… it means so much to me what this Foundation does to help us. Literally there are so many people who need help in so many ways it makes my heart hurt, but knowing you are here for us is truly a blessing. Thank you so much PAF…

This is Norm and Jeanne

We had a difficult time with the maze of insurance and medical policies and procedures but finally found PAF through AARP. Our case manager explained the appeals process, coaching us through negotiation of bills from the hospital and more than a dozen other providers. He even contacted our insurer to advocate on our behalf, adding credibility and professionalism to our ultimately successful negotiations. As a result, we saw our total costs for all related bills reduced to about a third of the original amount. We will be forever grateful for the help we received from PAF.

Norm and Jeanne I Diverticulitis

I was able to resolve my issue (before speaking with the PAF representative) on a temporary basis. However, my issue will resurface a year from now, so I appreciate the PAF representative providing me with information to be used in the future and offering to assist me in the future.


…the representative was very informative and patient with my questions and concerns…I have received several emails after our conversation with programs that she searched for that could possibly help. I am so grateful for her compassionate consideration!

Ericka, mother I Crohn’s Disease